Mayakovskaya Station (Станция ‘Маяковская’), Semyon Kirsanov

lingua fennica


Semyon Kirsanov (1906-1972) was a disciple of Mayakovsky. He wrote this in 1939 to mark the opening of the Mayakovskaya Metro station – my favourite.

The futurists’ claim to eschew form seems questionable – when you cease to focus on the erratic line arrangement (unfortunately beyond my competence to reproduce accurately on WordPress), you find an almost consistent iambic metre here.

On latest
of metro line
I’m again
to see it shine!
To poets’
directly by
its lines
I’ll fleeting
by verses fly.
So steel
of stainless words
is cast afar
through the tunnel flies
like shooting star!
The words
were not turned to ice
by hands’ canter –
will marble’s
streaking splice
for drafts suffice!
vaulted cladded stone,
dark bright-lit bands,
a sunken
to poet stands!
No crypt,
no statue, no
mere idol gold,
but glory’s
slender show
for verses bold!

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