The Bronze Horseman (Медный Всадник), Alexander Pushkin

Rupert Moreton’s excellent metric translation.

lingua fennica


I’ve spent the last two weeks or so immersed in Pushkin. I have striven to be completely faithful to his metre and rhyme scheme. If I have captured even some of the great man’s genius I’ll be very happy…



The incident described in this story is based on a true event. Details about the bloods have been collected from contemporary journals. The curious may confirm this in the account compiled by V. N. Berkh.


On shore abandoned, kissed by wave,
He stood, of mighty thoughts the slave,
And scanned horizon’s bounds. And amply
The river coursed; and boat of knave
Was quite alone and questing damply.
Along the swampy, mossy shore
Were darkly looming here and there
The mean abodes of Finns benighted;
And forest, knowing light no more
Of sun by fog’s miasma blighted,
With whisper hugged.

And so he thought:

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