The Troubadour’s Song (Trubaduurin Laulu), from The Devil’s Sword (Hiiden miekka), Eino Leino

lingua fennica


This is the second of three translations from Leino’s libretto for Melartin‘s Hiiden Miekka. The others are “A Mother’s Sorrows” (Äidin surut) and “Sukkamieli’s Rod” (Sukkamielen sauva). “A Mother’s Sorrows” has a regular metre. This one doesn’t. I took the decision to impose a metre devised from the first stanza to aid reading – but also decided it should not be easy. It’s important to convey something of Leino’s complex sound. It may repay reading aloud – but will need some concentration…

Leino uses many archaic and dialectal words. There is some guesswork here – let me know if there are any glaring errors, please!

I have been unable to find a recording of Melartin’s oratorio. Please let me know if you know of one. This is what you find on YouTube if you search for Trubaduurin Laula – a version by one of Finland’s…

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