What if it’s no?

I don’t agree that the referendum is contrived – I think it’s the safest option, legally – but otherwise I agree. Some of the ugliest bigotry I’ve seen in a long time comes from the Yes side.

lingua fennica

I want it to be yes because so many good people want it so much, and because they continue to face bigotry and hatred in exercising their right to say so. I confess I am a little mystified as to why they do. I suppose it’s understandable that people want to storm the fortress and claim one of the constructs of the society that has oppressed them, but there are others who don’t feel their relationships need that sort of validation. I am not persuaded that legislation is incapable of providing full equality without the opening of marriage to same-sex couples. It is, to say the least, unfortunate that thousands of people find themselves at the centre of a debate that presumes to probe so closely into their moral probity. We’re used to that, of course – but we’ve contrived to turn it all into a vote on whether or…

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